Honda CB350 RS Custom Kit Launch – Cafe Racer And SUV Custom

  • Honda CB350 RS gets two custom kit – Cafe Racer and SUV Custom which gives the bike slightly different look from regular model
  • There are four kits on offer with Honda CB350 – Touring, Solo Carrier, Comfort Custom and Cafe Racer

Honda has announced the launch of custom kit range on CB350 and CB350 RS bike. These kits gives the bike a distinctive look with no mechanical changes at all. Honda is offering four custom kits on CB350 and two on CB350 RS. On Honda CB350 the custom kits offer both sporty riding and touring friendly configurations. On the other hand the CB350 RS gets luggage friendly and aesthetic configurations.

Honda cb350 comfort custom

Honda CB350 Comfort Custom Kit (Price – ₹16,500)

The first kit here is the “Comfort Custom” Kit. It gets larger backrest and as the name suggests it is designed for comfort. Tall windscreen, metal pannier, front fork boots and high mounted crash guards are on offer here for comfortable long rides. Honda is also offering knuckle guards with bigger seat and wider footrest for comfort.

Honda CB350 Solo carrier

Honda CB350 Solo Carrier Kit (Price – ₹16,200)

The 2nd kit here is Solo Carrier. This kit gets a shorter windscreen and single peace seat. The pillion seat has now been replaced with luggage carrier. Main seat is now more comfortable and alongside it gets wheel stripes, crash guard and front fork boots.

Honda CB350 Cafe Racer
Honda cb350 cafe racer

Honda CB350 Cafe Racer Kit (Price – ₹22,200)

Cafe Racer kit is available on both Honda CB350 and CB350 RS. Let’s talk about CB350 Cafe Racer first. As it’s a Cafe Racer kit it gets retro look. Headlamps now gets plastic cowl and there’s single peace seat on offer. Just like the above two kits front fork boot, wheel stripes and crash guards are also on offer here.

Honda cb350 tourer custom
Honda CB350 Tourer custom kit

Honda CB350 Tourer Custom Kit (Price – ₹17,600)

The 4th and last kit on offer with the Honda CB350 is Touring Custom. It is designed specifically for touring purpose. It gets larger windscreen, front fork boots, knuckle guards, rear mounted luggage carrier and crash guards.

Honda cb350 RS SUV custom
Cb350 RS SUV custom

Honda CB350 RS SUV Custom Kit (Price – ₹7,500)

There are two kits on offer with CB350 RS. First one is the SUV Custom Kit. It makes Honda CB350 RS look more rugged than any other kit. It gets short visor, knuckle guards, headlamp guard, panniers and blacked out exhaust.

Honda CB350 RS Cafe Racer
Cb350 rs cafe racer

Honda CB350 RS Cafe Racer Kit (Price – ₹17,500)

The last kit here is the Cafe Racer kit on CB350 RS. Just like the CB350 it also gets a retro look. Stripes on wheels are body coloured and headlamp cowl and rear seat cowl are available here too. Rear seat cowl is what that gives a bike cafe racer look.

With these six new kits on CB350 and CB350 RS Honda aims to offer both bikes as per customer requirements. From tourer to cafe racer customers have plenty of customization options to choose from.

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