2023 Hero Electric Optima CX2.0 & CX5.0 And Nyx CX5.0 Launched

  • Hero Electric Optima now gets two new variants – CX2.0 and CX5.0 with 89 km and 113 km range respectively
  • Updated Hero Electric Nyx CX5.0 gets 3.0 kwh lithium-ion battery with a top speed of 48 km/h

Hero Electric has launched the updated range of Optima and Nyx scooters for 2023. The Hero Electric Optima gets two new variants – Optima CX2.0 and Optima CX5.0. On the other hand the Hero Electric Nyx CX5.0 has also been launched. Prices of all new variants hasn’t been revealed yet.

Hero electric Optima cx5.0

Hero Electric Optima CX5.0

The Optima CX5.0 gets 3 kWh lithium-ion battery. This battery offers a range of 113 km on a single charge with 1.9 kW electric motor that also powers the Optima CX2.0. At 103 kg the Optima CX5.0 is 10 kg more heavier than Optima CX2.0. Top speed of Optima CX5.0 is 55 km/h. With dual charger setup one can charge the battery to full in 3 hours.

Hero Electric Optima CX2.0

Unlike the Optima CX5.0 which offers 113 km range, the Optima CX2.0 range stands at 89 km on a single charge. It gets 2.0 kWh lithium-ion battery and 1.9 kW motor. Top speed of this particular variant is 48 km/h. Similar to Optima CX5.0 the ground clearance on Optima CX2.0 is 165 mm. It weights 93 kg. In 4.5 hours one can charge the battery to full.

2023 Hero electric Optima

Hero Electric NYX CX5.0

The last model here is the Hero Electric NYX CX5.0 which gets 3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack from the Optima CX5.0. Range too here is similar at 113 km but top speed is less at 48 km/h. With dual charger setup the battery can be fully charged in 3 hours. Hero Electric NYX CX5.0 weighs 106 kg and has a high ground clearance of 175 mm.

All three variants here get drum brakes on both wheels with combined braking system. Prices of all three variants will be announced later.

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