300 Hero Vida Chargers Now Live In Delhi, Jaipur & Bengaluru

  • Hero Vida has installed 300 AC/DC chargers at 50 locations in Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru for worry free EV ecosystem
  • Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru are first three cities in which Hero Vida has planned its expansion first

On 7 October 2022 Hero MotoCorp launched its Vida sub-brand as its first big approach towards the electric future. Vida V1 is the first electric scooter from the sub-brand and after almost 5 months of launch we’ve got an update regarding charging infrastructure. Hero Vida has announced to setup 300 chargers in Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru.

Hero Vida chargers

Hero Vida 300 Public Chargers – 50 Locations

In Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru Vida has installed 300 public chargers at 50 different locations. Charging sockets here are both AC and DC. The company says it aims to built an worry free EV ecosystem and installing 300 public chargers is a part of this plan. In these three cities Hero MotoCorp has planned Vida’s expansion first.

Few months back we saw openings of customer experience centre in Jaipur and Bengaluru. In Delhi-NCR the brand has opened pop-up stores where customers can test ride the Vida V1 electric scooter. Hero MotoCorp says it doesn’t aims to go mass market as of now and focus is towards expansion only.

Hero Vida charger

If we talk about design then Hero Vida chargers looks really good. There are proper instructions written on board which stands at side of the charger. There are two charging sockets which means that two Vida V1 electric scooters can be charged simultaneously at a time. Different LED state indicates different charging status that makes the Hero Vida public charger easy to understand and use.

Hero Vida V1

Hero Vida V1 – Specs & Features

The Vida V1 Pro electric scooter gets 3.94 kWh while the Vida V1 Plus gets 3.44 kWh swappable battery pack. This battery pack offers a range of 165 km in Pro and 143 km on Plus model. With a top speed of 80 km/h the Vida V1 Pro can go from 0-40 km/h in 3.2 seconds while it is 3.4 seconds for Vida V1 Plus. The scooter gets full LED headlamps and 7-inch touchscreen instrument cluster.

Hero MotoCorp offers buy-back scheme on Vida V1 that guarantees 70% purchase value for 16 to 18 months of ownership. If we talk about prices then for Vida V1 Pro it is at ₹1.59 lakh (ex-showroom). More affordable Vida V1 Plus is priced at ₹1.45 lakh (ex-showroom).

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