First Tata ReWiRe Scrapping Facility Launched In Jaipur

  • ReWiRe stands for Recycle With Respect which is the first vehicle scrapping facility of Tata Motors
  • Located in Jaipur, Tata’s ReWiRe can scrap 15,000 vehicles annually with world class recycling process

In last few years the Indian Government has taken some major steps to reform the automotive industry. We already saw strict BS6 emission norms whose Phase-1 came into effect in April 2020. Now from April 2023 BS6 Phase-2 emission norms are kicking in. This is to make sure that India’s automotive industry has cleaner future. After BS6 norms vehicle scrappage policy too came into effect. Owing to this Tata ReWiRe scrapping facility has been launched today.

Tata ReWiRe scrapping facility

Tata ReWiRe Scrapping Facility

In partnership with Ganganagar Vaahan Udyog Tata Motors has launched its first vehicle scrapping facility in Jaipur. It is known as ReWiRe which means Recycling with Respect. This vehicle scrapping facility was inaugurated by the Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari himself. Nitin Gadkari congratulated Tata Motors for setting up the vehicle scrapping facility which is on par with global standards.

Tata ReWiRe scrapping facility

“India aims to become as a vehicle scrapping hub for the entire South Asian region and it needs more such facilities” Nitin Gadkari added. This facility can scrap 15,000 end-of-life (EOL) vehicles annually. As it is a Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RSVF) customers can avail several benefits of National Vehicle Scrappage Policy here. Tata Motors will also provide documentation required to avail the benefits.

Tata ReWiRe scrapping facility

Private or commercial vehicle of any brand can be scrapped at Tata ReWiRe scrapping facility. There are various stations for different processes which includes dismantling tyre, batteries, oil, fuel etc.

All private vehicles over 20 years of age and commercial vehicles over 15 years of age needs to go under fitness test and obtain fitness certificate. Failing this they will be declared as end-of-life (EOL) vehicle that should be scrapped under the rule of National Vehicle Scrappage Policy. Maruti Suzuki is already operating its vehicle scrapping facility and in future more scrapping facilities are coming up.

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