Tata Harrier & Safari Gets 2nd Price Hike In February – New Prices

  • Harrier and Safari are two flagship products from Tata Motors and both have suffered a 2nd price hike in February 2023
  • Latest price hike on Harrier is up to ₹37,000 while for Safari it is up to ₹66,000 with some variants being discontinued

Tata Motors launched the Red Dark Editions of Harrier and Safari on 22 February 2023. Just after 6 days of launch the brand has made a 2nd price hike on both models in February. At start of this month Harrier and Safari got a price hike of up to ₹25,000 and the latest price hike is now up to ₹66, 000 on Safari and up to ₹37,000 on Harrier. Tata Motors has also discontinued some variants on both SUVs.

Tata Harrier Price hike

Tata Harrier Price Hike February 2023

So let’s talk about the price hike on Tata Harrier first. Tata Harrier gets a maximum price hike of ₹37k on XZ+, XZ+ DT and XZ+ Dark in manual and on XZA+, XZA+ DT and XZA+ Dark on automatic variants. Minimum price hike is of ₹9k on XZ, XZ DT in manual and XZA, XZA DT in automatic variants. Take a look at variant wise price hike on each variants.

Harrier MTFeb 2023 Price Old Price Diff
XMS ₹17.70 L₹17.56 L ₹14k
XT+₹18.69 L₹18.55 L₹14k
XT+ Dark₹19.04 L₹18.90 L₹14k
XZ₹19.24 L₹19.15 L₹9k
XZ DT₹19.44 L₹19.35 L₹9k
XZ+₹21.32 L₹20.95 L₹37k
XZ+ DT ₹21.52 L₹21.15 L₹37k
XZ+ Dark ₹21.67 L₹21.30 L₹37k
Harrier AT Feb 2023 Price Old Price Diff
XMAS₹19.00 L₹18.86 L₹14k
XTA+₹19.99 L₹19.85 L₹14k
XTA+ Dark₹20.34 L₹20.20 L₹14k
XZA ₹20.54 L₹20.45 L₹9k
XZA DT ₹20.74 L₹20.65 L₹9k
XZA+ ₹22.62 L₹22.25 L₹37k
XZA+ DT₹22.82 L₹22.45 L₹37k
XZA+ Dark ₹22.97 L₹22.60 L₹37k
Tata Harrier New February 2023 Prices

Tata Harrier Discontinued Variants In February 2023

A total of 12 variants on Tata Harrier has been discontinued. In manual these variants are XT, XZS, XZS DT, XZS Dark, XZ+ Kaziranga and XZ+ Jet Six other discontinued variants on Harrier are automatic ones which includes XMA, XZAS, XZAS DT, XZAS Dark, XZA+ Kaziranga and XZA+ Jet.

Tata Harrier and Safari Dark

Tata Safari Price Hike February 2023

After Harrier, the Tata Safari gets a price hike of up to ₹66,000 depending on variants. The minimum price hike is of ₹10,000 which is on XZ manual and XZA in automatic variants of the SUV. Most of the variants of Safari gets a price hike of of ₹66,000.

Safari MT Feb 2023 Price Old Price Diff
XMS₹18.46 L₹18.32 L₹14k
XT+₹19.62 L₹19.48 L₹14k
XT+ Dark ₹19.97 L₹19.78 L₹19k
XZ₹20.48 L₹20.38 L₹10k
XZ+ ₹22.16 L₹21.50 L₹66k
XZ+ 6S₹22.26 L₹21.60 L₹66k
XZ+ Adventure₹22.41 L₹21.75 L₹66k
XZ+ Adventure 6S ₹22.51 L₹21.85 L₹66k
XZ+ Dark₹22.51 L₹21.85 L₹66k
XZ+ Dark 6S₹22.61 L₹21.95 L₹66k
Safari AT Feb 2023 Price Old Price Diff
XMAS ₹19.76 L₹19.62 L₹14k
XTA+₹20.93 L₹20.78 L₹15k
XTA+ Dark₹21.28 L₹21.08 L₹20k
XZA ₹21.78 L₹21.68 L₹10k
XZA+ ₹23.46 L ₹22.80 L₹66k
XZA+ 6S₹23.56 L₹22.90 L₹66k
XZA+ Adventure₹23.71 L₹23.05 L₹66k
XZA+ Adventure 6S ₹23.81 L₹23.15 L₹66k
XZA+ Dark ₹23.81 L₹23.15 L₹66k
XZA+ Dark 6S ₹23.91 L₹23.25 L₹66k
Tata Safari New February 2023 Prices

Tata Safari Discontinued Variants February 2023

A total of 13 variants has been discontinued on Safari in February 2023. Discontinued manual variants include XT, XZ+ Kaziranga, XZ+ Jet, XZ+ Kaziranga 6S, XZ+ Jet 6S, XZ+ Gold and XZ+ Gold 6S. After manual the discontinued automatic variants are XMA, XZA+ Jet, XZA+ Kaziranga, XZA+ Kaziranga 6S, XZA+ Jet 6S, XZA+ Gold and XZA+ Gold 6S.

Gold variants on Safari used to offer rear ventilated seats which was first for a car under ₹1 crore. Now this feature has gone as Tata Motors have discontinued Gold variants of the SUV.

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