Toyota Innova HyCross New VX (O) Variant Launched

  • The new Toyota Innova HyCross VX (O) variant is available in both 7-seater and 8-seater configuration
  • Price of VX (O) starts at ₹26.73 lakh for 7-seater variant and 8-seater variant is priced at ₹26.78 lakh

Toyota launched the much awaited Innova HyCross in December 2022 after revealing it a month before. By the end of January 2023 deliveries of the MPV were started. Just 2 months after the launch Toyota has announced the first price hike on Innova HyCross. New Innova HyCross VX (O) variant has also been launched.

Toyota Innova HyCross

Toyota Innova HyCross First Price Hike – ₹75k

The first price hike on Innova HyCross is up to ₹75k across all variants. On petrol variants the price hike is of ₹25k followed by ₹75k price hike on hybrid variants. This takes the starting price of Innova HyCross to ₹18.55 lakh than ₹18.30 lakh earlier for the G 7-seater variant.

HyCrossMarch 2023 Price Old Price Diff
G 7S ₹18.55 L₹18.30 L₹25k
G 8S₹18.60 L₹18.35 L₹25k
GX 7S₹19.40 L₹19.15 L₹25k
GX 8S₹19.45 L₹19.20 L₹25k
₹24.76 L₹24.01 L₹75k
₹24.81 L₹24.06 L₹75k
₹29.08 L₹28.33 L₹75k
₹29.72 L₹28.97 L₹75k

G 8-seater variant now costs ₹18.60 lakh than ₹18.35 lakh earlier. GX 7-seater and GX 8-seater variants too are now priced at ₹19.40 lakh and ₹19.45 lakh respectively than ₹19.15 lakh and ₹19.20 lakh earlier.

Innova HyCross VX (O)

If we talk about the hybrid variants then VX 7-seater is now priced at ₹24.76 lakh than ₹24.01 lakh earlier. For VX 8-seater price is now ₹24.81 lakh as compared to ₹24.06 lakh earlier. The top-spec ZX and ZX (O) variant new price is ₹29.08 lakh and ₹29.72 lakh respectively. These two variants were priced at ₹28.33 lakh and ₹28.97 lakh respectively.

Toyota Innova HyCross VX (O)

Toyota Innova HyCross VX (O) – New Variant

With price hike the Innova HyCross now gets a new variant called VX (O). It is available in both 7-seater and 8-seater configuration. VX (O) gets all features available on VX variant. In addition to that Toyota has added panoramic sunroof, LED fog lamps, 10-inch infotainment, wireless Apple CarPlay support and 6 airbags. In 7 seater variant customer will get captain seats in 2nd row while in 8 seater variant regular bench seats are on offer.

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